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Completion rate?

I recently got late on a delivery which resulted in my completion rate dropping to 86% I then worked and completed one order and the day after it was marked as complete, my completion rate rose to 88% Then I worked on two more orders but after successfully completing them, my completion rate then dropped to 82%

Anyone who knows how this completion rate is actually calculated? I would have imagined it will improve after completing three more orders but it looks like its dropping instead. I also noticed this last month but miraculously, the stats updated back to 100% on the 16th. :cry::crying_cat_face:


The way the completion rate works is a big mystery, and it sure doesn’t appear to make much sense. I’ve had similar results to yours, and it’s definitely weird. You’ll be told it’s based on the last 60 days performance, but within that - who knows. It seems to me it falls quickly, and rises slowly.

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It all depends on the total number of orders you have in 60 days. That is part of the equation.

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This is so annoying. Wish there was a way of demanding for a review of that weird algorithm


Still, isn’t it weird that the percentage keeps dropping with every new completed order? And I have a feeling it will suddenly rise on the 16th or 17th even if I don’t finish another order. It has happened to me before

I totally agree. It’s my theory that the algorithms are set up by developers who have no experience as freelancers, and thus have never fallen under the penalty of the way the algorithms work. Unfortunate!

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You would need to add up all the completed orders, every day it changes, and get the percentage so no it’s not necessarily weird if your total completed orders is going down even if you happen to complete a new order. It’s the total orders in the past 60 days. This amount can change every day.

It is possible that two orders dropped off of the total while only one got added to it.

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It all relies upon on the overall range of orders you’ve got in 60 days. that is part of the equation.
still, isn’t it bizarre that the share keeps dropping with every new finished order? And i have a feeling it’s going to unexpectedly upward push on the sixteenth or seventeenth even supposing I don’t finish some other order.

If i am not wrong they are using this formula

Total completed order x 100

Total number of orders in 60 days (Completed + Cancelled)

So for example if you have total 6 orders in last 60 days and you complete 5 and one get cancelled. Then putting the value in equation. 5*100/6 = 83% completion rate.

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