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Hello Fiverr Community,
Hope your are all well. I am here just because of a shocking situation. I am a level one seller. One week ago I applied on a buyer request and then suddenly buyer placed the order without contacting me. He was not given the right information on his request. After placing the order he said me to do the job but the job is different from his request and I was doing another work as well.
I contact with Fiverr support but now a days Fiverr take a long time to answer. Then I have cancelled the order as also buyer want it.
But the main issue is that after cancellation my completion rate decreased to 89% from 100. And after completing an order it became on 90%. But today I saw that completion rate is 88%. What is it, I completed my 36 orders with 5 star rating but how only one cancellation affect my completion rate like that. Please reply me on this.


Check this out: