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Completion Rates and Cancelations out of your control


This was quite a bizarre week and definitely not a typical one. I had 1 guy order two orders at once. He wanted me to cancel one of the orders because he meant to order just once. So I canceled one of his orders. He refused to purchase commercial rights and then wanted to cancel the other one. So I canceled his order. Had another guy who ordered then 5 minutes later wanted to cancel. 1 other buyer decided to order then immediately request a cancellation because he says he meant to order from somebody else and didn’t mean to order mine. This all happened in a week’s time and I barely made evaluation with the skin of my teeth with a 90% completion rate.

Are we able to challenge cancelations? Or does every cancelation regardless count against you?


I had a week similar to that. I asked CS to do the cancellations on the two “order by mistake” from the same buyer. I seem to have read somewhere on the Forum that if you cancel this way it may not have as big affect on your stats. At least it is worth a try. :thinking: