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Composing Offers to Buyer Requests

Buyer request is one of the important tool which can get you few orders regularly when you are having a low time. But most people mistake by sending a offer to buyer request as if they are begging for work, and even some sellers putting their request in buyer section. More you are desperate for the work, lesser chances that an authentic buyer will even look at your gig. Instead frame your offers nice and short, good selection of words, and a link to portfolio would be an advantage. Carefully framing offers to each request is the answer. Do not hurry to send your offer fastest. I have been getting orders from buyer request keeping in mind above points.

Yes,I agree with you don’t post your request in buyer request section otherwise your account will be banned from fiverr and i have been also getting orders from buyer request,it works for me.

i am also using BUYER REQUEST regularly, daily 10 request i can send for buyer with our detail description. its help to getting new orders.

so i suggest to every seller use BUYER REQUEST section regularly, its really help to getting new orders. Thanks

Nice to hear that you get orders too from buyer request, but unfortunately sellers spam the request section and fiverr doesn’t work to improve that problem.

Hello ! Buyers Requests is the best place for new sellers to get their business started. But I had a question : is it allowed to include a link to a portfolio outside of Fiverr, like Overblog or anything else ? Because I keep reading posts or comments stating that you should not do this and stuff… I’m kind of lost.

I believe you can post a link in your offer to your portfolio as it is not possible for seller to attach a picture while make offer. I generally use Dropbox link to share a PDF file. However using websites link to solicit work on medium other than fiverr would be not allowed I believe. Better to prepare 3-4 pages PDF file and share with buyer.

Also Buyer requests works for me…

That’s a good idea, thank you a lot !

I agree …Its very important to put your request in a nice way as that will be your first impression to the buyers…

Hello Everybody… I am also agreed with you all. that “Buyers Request” section is much more important for every seller, either new arrival or any level… definitely they can get work from there… thanks.

I completely agree with you @komangarjuna , many seller out there request i want work… that completely ridiculous. try to improve your gig so that buyers comes to you.

Same here… Buyer requests is the best place to get orders

yes, i already noticed, some sellers doing spam in Buyer Request section. Fiverr support team need to take action regarding this. Thanks

I agree with your comments