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Comprehensive Guide - How to Optimize Your Gigs to Maximize Your Sales

I’ve been working on a Fiverr blog post to help sellers optimize their gigs for sales, and I am delighted that it has just been published. You can find the post here:

This is based on my experience as a Pro seller, reading other people’s advice on the forums, experimentation, and analysis. It has 12 practical ways every seller can enhance their gigs to make them more appealing, and most of those hints and tips are quick and easy to implement.

It includes advice on areas like:

  • Choosing the right title and image for your gig.
  • Making the most of metadata and tags.
  • Optimizing the description and FAQs.
  • Using packages effectively.
  • Requirements gathering.
  • And more.

This is an updated and expanded version of my original post here:

Please have a read, let me know what you think, and share this with other new sellers, as I hope it’s a great starting point.

Please do not use this thread to ask questions on how to improve your specific gigs, you can do that here.



many thanks for sharing @paulmaplesden


Whoa! What a great read. Thanks


Thank You So much for sharing such a great information…


Well done, Paul! For my taste, it’s a little bit too general, but I’m sure it will help lots of newer freelancers. :wink: I would love to see some real long-term analytics once (I don’t expect that from you, to be clear. :smiley:) about how much does each specific element really impact the sells. But for that, we would need a really steady seller, who is not raising or losing their monthly sales, his service doesn’t have a high and low season, etc., but I’m sure it would be really interesting…


Thank You Very Much. Very helpful.

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Hi @paulmaplesden I acted on a suggestion you made & modified the title of one of my gigs, but now Fiverr isn’t allowing me view all other segments of the job board.

Am I missing anything here?
I have only 4 active gigs & I can only view content/job posts on the one I changed.
Pls advice.

Thanks in advance for responding.


Hi, I can’t answer your question - I suggest you write to customer support.

thank you for sharing this content. this is amazing.


Very Informative post, Its very helpful to me. Thanks for sharing… :slight_smile:


@paulmaplesden Thanks for the tips. I implemented google trends and keyword planner research. But I am not sure what amount of searches are necessary to use. The keywords which has larger searches in keyword planner has less searches shown in google trends. Can you please explain me in detail how do you do keyword research ?

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That sounds like it might be a bit of a big ask for anybody on the forum.

Why not do a bit of research off-Fiverr, or you could always hire somebody on Fiverr to teach you what you need to do. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’ve deleted your reply.

I would suggest Googling that as it will be the same principles on Fiverr as doing keyword research anywhere else, and there will be thousands of articles and guides on performing keyword research.

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I’ll be back later I’m not feeling well rt now.

Thanks very much @paulmaplesden this is very helpful and kudos to you! :slight_smile:

Rita :slight_smile:

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Hey guys! Keyword research is important for tags. However, wouldn’t fiverr have its own search algorithm based on only what people search for once they come onto the fiverr platform. However, I am sure it would be the same as what people would type into Google to find our services :slight_smile: fiverr should have its own keyword research tool just for fiverr lol

Rita :slight_smile: