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Comprehensive product testing is a must for product owners

I know there are a lot of product reviewers on Fiverr but how accurate are they? It seems you can get a product testimonial about anywhere on Fiverr but do you find out what you want to know about your products before they hit the Internet and shelves?

Products just aren’t tested the way they should. You should know of all risk in your product, how well it will withstand the elements, and how well they are built. You don’t want to start selling a product that could be a fire hazard and risk law suits and possibly worse. Here are a few things we test PROFESSIONALLY in our lab so you can gauge the difference between a testimonial and an actual testing.

We do the following in our labs and you can find our gig on the link below for anyone who is seriously concerned with the quality of your products and for those who need planned obsolescence for a business model.

Breakability / durability / Impact (Done with blunt objects, guns or projectiles, scientific equipment testing, etc. depending on the overall scale of your product - We want to see the breakdown point and give you a fail point)

Tensile strength (fabrics only)

Flammability range (How safe is your product when ignition source is introduced)

Weight (exact weight of your product)

Dry and wet testing (How does your product withstand the elements)

Extreme low temp testing

Electrical continuity testing (Is your product safe around electricity)

Atmospheric testing in high pressure and at a vacuum atmosphere

And chemical hazard testing (must have your exact formula with chem. names that make up your package and product within if any)

(We can also sigh a non-disclosure agreement for this purpose)

All we need is your product sent (an expendable one since it will most likely be destroyed in testing)

This gig includes a full report on your product by text document certified by our company to be accurate and report all issues known with your product, safety concerns, and more. We can test physical (Hard and soft products)

See the gig for further information and remember the safety of your customers is #1

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