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Compressing PDF documents, just a trend or?

With my background as print graphic designer, I was always thinking that the digitizing era of paper wouldn’t give any restrictions in usage. Paper would be traded for digital files like the PDF file format and stored on your harddrive or in the cloud. But the more documents will follow, the more space we need. Compare it to be being spoiled with the storagespace of your smartphone.

But recently I noticed that esppecially governmental paperwork can take up a lot of diskspace when saved the wrong way. People are often scanning it in too high resolution or with the wrong settings which makes the endresult very large in filesize. Often it’s not neccesary to scan documents this way and most of the US/UK governments don’t accept files above 2mb.

At first I thought compressing, splitting and extracting PDF’s was a trend. But it looks like its a demanding business with room for growth. What do you think?

I am offering my service to help out people with quality compressing their PDF’s, to keep it flexible to mail, put online or just keep it on your harddrive. Saving Space and Time is what benefits you.

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