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💻 Anonymous Poll - How Should Sellers Be Stopped From Spamming In The Buyer Requests?


What do you think Fiverr should do about Sellers spamming and promoting themselves in the Buyer Requests? [poll type=multiple min=1 max=2]

  • Create two difference sections for buyers and sellers
  • Have a report button so anyone can report them ( if they get three reports it gets removed )
  • Have 5 dollars taken each time sellers spam the Buyer Requests promoting themselves
  • Have mods for the buyer requests
  • Other ( comment below )

Some sellers are advertise in Buyer Requests section

There are already two sections:
1- section for buyers… the one we call Buyer Request.
2- section for sellers… gigs market place where every seller can publish his services by publishing gigs.


I know that! I was saying where people can just post about their services, deals they are having, ext.

Then buyers can go there and see if they need any of those services. Just an idea! :smiley:


I choose the option that is not listed there:

:heavy_check_mark: show a report button but only for select sellers (not mods) who are trusted to properly report spam, avoiding false reports or abuse

NOTE: by select sellers I do not mean mods. I mean all sellers who match a certain criteria, like a chosen minimum age on Fiverr, a chosen minimum Level, etc.


Isn’t this the same as the 4th option ? :slight_smile:


No, it’s not, there won’t be any mods selected with my proposed option. By “select sellers” I meant sellers of a specific chosen minimum Level, with a specific chosen minimum age on Fiverr, etc. Not officially designated mods.


My option: Just ban them. Don’t even think…


Oh…OK then :slight_smile: It seems I interpreted “select sellers” in a different way than you intended.


Have mods who put sellers gigs at the bottom of the search results. Have a big warning sign this will happen at the top. They will learn.


The issue with having an option for sellers to remove requests is that it is actually in those sellers interests to remove legitimate requests AFTER they respond. For example:
I am looking through buyer requests and see a job I want to do. I respond to the request and afterwards I remove it so nobody else can respond. To stop this, we would need staff to oversee it which would beg the question why staff couldn’t just moderate them in the first place.

I like the idea of sellers of a certain trust criteria but that would not stop the potential for abusing the power.
My preference would be for there to be staff who do it instead. It would not take more than 1 person part-time to do it for all categories. I offer services in 4 categories and rarely see more than 20-30 per day. It takes me 2 minutes to scan them and click to remove the rubbish. It really isnt a big job.

The cost of the staff member would be offset by the fact that the Buyer Request section would actually become useful again. This method of posting jobs is the way MOST BUYERS are familiar with as other sites do this as their main method. I sometimes see requests from bigger businesses and seriously professional people and I shudder when I think what kind of rubbish responses they will get - what must they think of the platform in this case?

By cleaning up and improving buyer requests, many higher quality and higher level sellers would begin visiting it again and that can only be good for Buyers and the whole Fiverr platform.

Edit: It could also be done by paying one or two trusted sellers $5 each to check the requests on a given day. At most it is 20-30 mins work.


But then again, why allow them to remove a request they’ve sent an offer to? That wouldn’t make sense - if there is a button for them to report a request, the button must be enabled/clickable only if the seller hasn’t sent an offer to that request (with a message like "you sent an offer to this request, you can’t remove it anymore), hence preventing abuse even from those sellers that meet a certain criteria.

Wait, are we still talking about reporting spammy requests? :smiley:


I´m for some system similar to forum flags, that will count how often trusted sellers click ‘flag’ and after a certain number of ‘flags’, move it to staff’s list to check it and decide if to remove it or not.
Most of those requests only take a second to identify as spam, I don´t think it would need that much staff, and hey, a couple new jobs, awesome, and, as Eoin says, it could be done by trusted sellers without high costs even.


The “Flag” system is very great idea actually and it’s 100% possible. I am with you. :heart_eyes:


@Woofy31 I’ve mentioned that in a previous post and I think Fiverr can utilize users with higher badges to do just that.

@eoinfinnegan if they are worried about abuse, imagine if the report button gets deactivated if a seller placed a bid.


I’m for having an actual person review the requests before they even get posted; 1-2 people per category. Still not sure how sellers can spam the living daylights out of BR when buyers can barely get a post in for whatever reason.


I agree. That is another great idea


That’s exactly what I was thinking of… it just makes no sense. Maybe sellers get a free pass because they’re sellers?


That might be the case. That is like what the mods would be for but besides reviewing them they take them down even before they go up