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Computer code under copyright infringement?

Hello all,

I’ve ordered a programmer to write code called Project X. Seller delivered Project X. Some time later, seller published Project X on GitHub.

Seller published the code on Github, seller invited me to the repo.
In a conversation the following occurred:
Seller: Please see if you got invitation on Github. I invited you to the repo.
Me: Is it (read: the code) private?
Seller: Yeah, it is, check it.
Me: We should keep it like that. I now have an edge on other traders.
Seller: Sure, accept the invitation as collaborator for now, I will give you the ownership in some other time then I will be a contributor for any future improvements.

My question is: where do I currently stand?

Legal advice is best sought from a legal expert - we’re just buyers and sellers like you.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Under what law? I live in the Netherlands, seller in Pakistan, Fiverr is under US law.

Fiverr states that anything you buy on fiverr you own. That might not mean that you own it exclusively.

I don’t know how it works when someone you hired goes ahead and takes credit for what he made for you.

I don’t know what repo is. It may not be much to worry about.

If he published the code somewhere how is that private?

It sounds like you need to consult an international trademark lawyer or one who specializes in ownership rights internationally.

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Github is a development platform with headquarters in the US.
It has just received a massive DDoS attack.
The seller should explain the reason of his choice, in any case.
Probably it’s just more convenient for him, and/or he need to work with other programmers.

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