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Computer Nerd for Hire joins the fray!

Good Afternoon everyone!
Got tired of trying to peddle my skills to my local area, so I’ve decided to try and join the Fiverr community and give it a shot!

Can’t say I’m nearly as skilled as many of you are, but I know a few things about computer hardware. Here’s hoping my luck will turn out good for a change!

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A very fine day to you and welcome hope you will love this place as fiverr is a great place to make a business. Try to be patient with customers and do best you can! Wish you the best in your starting


Thank you Darren!
I was a bit disheartened when I saw just how many gigs are similar to mine (over ten pages!) and that they’re all arguably better than mine. But here’s hoping a few pitying souls will give me a chance!

Don’t lose the hope and do the best you can don’t worry about ten pages of competitors and don’t underestimate you, I’m sure you can handle this just stay strong and do what you do a way better than others