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Computers Repairs with an English speaking Computer Technician, Really good communication skills!


Hello, my name is Brandon! I am here in hopes that one day I will be as successful with my business here just as so many others have done here in the past! I offer a minimum $5 computer repair charge, I can help you speed up and clean out your computer of garbage built over the years, (Some you’d be surprised to actually find out exists on your computer) Without the use of reformatting and wiping your data! In serious situations sometimes a reformat is needed however I offer my 100% effort in keeping your data available to you and only you! I specialize in Virus removal, Spyware removal, Key logger removal , Trojan horse removal, computer repairs, website design, and so much more! I can help you build your perfect gaming system! All this is offered at the bare minimum of $5 per person! I really count on the support of this community as I start up here and try to make a name for myself. I hope if you ever need help with your PC that i’ll be the one you message! You’ll find i’m easy to speak with, I work as fast as possible without wasting time, and I will be thorough about the entire process during every moment we speak! Thank you for viewing my post and taking the time to read this, I would really appreciate any, and all donations as well to get started here!