************* comunity feedback


Got a response to one of my gigs from a certain **********. The gig was related to VoiceOver for his wife birthday.

Seems the file/text (wordoc) he sent me was loaded with virus.

Does anyone ever had a work experience with this person ?

Thank you in advance

Mod Note: Name removed


You can’t name sellers on buyers, please remove that info or the mods will come down on you with righteous fury!
Edit - that was fast lol


Hi Pedro,

Thank you for your help.

I wasn’t aware of that rule as i’m a newcomer to Fiverr. And this
experience with a bad user leaded me to seek help wherever i could get it.
And also to prevent other users warned abolir this guy.

Btw… Are you from Portugal ? Or portuguese ?

Best regards,

No dia quarta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2017, pedromleitao <
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You need to report the seller or buyer to fiverr support.


Yeah, I’m Portuguese