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Concept of Revisions?

Hello Everyone,
Can anybody point me in right direction how the revision system works with gigs. So, for ex. when I send custom offer to client and then mention 2 revision in dropdown while sending offer, does that mean that they will not be able to ask for 3rd revision ? Not a major concern for me but some clients like recently happened to me that they keep asking revision which was not even discussed in requirement. I need to deliver that order because I have done what was requested but client keeps on adding revision, not sure if the option is for making them restrict to ask more revision ?
Thank you in advance!


However many revisions are offered are free for the buyer. After that you can add more revisions in a gig extra on the order page, this will cost the buyer more and you can set your prices and however many more days to complete the order.


Technically you are correct. However, how you manage this is another matter. Do you refuse the third revision, and tell them they’ve had what they paid for? Do you refuse but tell them you can carry on for an extra $X and X days. Or do you think, the revision will take me just 10 minutes, so I’ll do it anyway?

Obviously all the above options have consequences.

Sometimes you need to be firm and say “I believe I have delivered what my gig promised, including X revisions.” And then you add one of the options from above.

You need to politely point this out. In the past I have found myself writing something like “When I quoted for the job it was based on ABC but you are now asking for XYZ. While I’m qualified to carry out these additional tasks, please understand it will likely take me an extra X minutes / hours, and had you discussed these extra requirements at the start I would have quoted you $X more for the work.”


yeah gig extra is fine and I’m aware of that but the client just wants that revision to be covered in initial price which doesnt covers what he’s asking now.

this sounds good and most of the time I do the small stuff without charging anything extra but this client keeps on adding revisions and demanding something which takes more $x and x hours. The funny thing is he comes online once in a day that too is mine 4-5 AM in the morning and adds revision to order, till I reply, he becomes offline and then I need to wait for next day so I deliver as I said I covered all things, this is happening from past 3 days continuously.

This sounds like a nightmare buyer. You have my sympathy.