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Concern about my gig

I want to create limericks for people to put on birthday cards or anniversaries or whatnot. Of course I want to personalize it and would need some information. This borders close to personal identity concerns and I don’t want to breach any trust with Fiver. Can anyone think of a way around this? Can I put a disclaimer in my gig description letting people know the dangers of giving out information, thus basically shooting my gig down before it even starts?

A gig like this doesn’t sound like it would need to violate the Terms of Service.

First of all, just to have some basic information for a birthday/holiday greeting would be a normal request for many gig types. It would be the buyer’s choice to give you a first name, for example, and there is no issue with that. You wouldn’t need last names for this which is where it becomes a little stickier. You certainly wouldn’t need contact information which is where the rules really get tough. For personalized limericks you don’t need phone numbers, email addresses, Skype IDs or anything like that.

If for some reason you do intend to ask for something like contact info which would be a ToS violation, you would need to just ask Customer Support for written permission before posting the gig. They do give permission for some gig types like language lessons done on Skype. I don’t think they would give you permission to use with a limerick gig though, since I still don’t think you’d need those. Was there some special information you were thinking of asking for that you think violates the Tos?