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Concern over the Digital marketing gigs


We all like Fiverr that’s why we are here, however one concern specially over the SEO gigs is that every one offers High quality backlinks, guest postings, and when I check on the links many are broken or super duper low quality, sellers say some will be high quality and they don’t guarantee others. The purpose of ordering such gigs is lost. Anything we can do about it. Thanks​, Sandy


If you try to get success from an SEO technique that is 5+ years old and that Google specifically targets against, what do you expect to happen? Even Black Hat SEO people look at link buying in the manner you describe as ridiculous.


I have never heard of any of these gigs placing quality links that don’t get broken, or they are calling pages filled with gibberish a high quality link. I am not sure any of them are good for your website (meaning that they will work at first, then get you penalized by Google). The only links that I have seen really work are some of the PR links, and even those are not all equal.


You need to read gig reviews before buying a Gig. I think there are many sellers who are providing High-Quality links & SEO services. I agree there may be some sellers who are engaged in Black hat ways but the majority are great & doing very well.


Just for those people who order SEO service from people who say they will rank you number 1 on Google etc and then tell you it takes more than 30 days to have an effect so you cannot change your review:

I asked CS this:

I would like to clarify whether something that I see many sellers doing is allowed.
Most if not all SEO sellers who’s gigs say that they will “guarantee first page ranking” respond to negative reviews saying that results will take over 30 days to happen. As I understand it, Fiverr gigs must be delivered within 30 days. As these gigs are actually offering “first page ranking” and not just “SEO services”, surely they are failing in their commitment?
It also means that none of their reviews are from people who actually saw results as reviews cannot be left once 30 days has past.
It seems like this is a scam/manipulation of the Fiverr system as a buyer has no comeback after 30 days has passed. Can you please verify if I am correct or explain how this is allowed?

This was their answer:

Thanks for your patience. In regards to guaranteeing first page ranking, we do not have guidelines on what the user can guarantee when it comes to ranking.

However, as you mentioned, 30 days is the maximum that a service is allowed. If a seller is claiming their service is beyond 30 days, this is against our Terms of Service. Please let us know if there’s any instances of sellers claiming the service is longer than 30 days that you would like us to review.

So, if a seller guarantees Page 1 ranking in their gig and they do not achieve it within 30 days then you can contact CS for a cancellation as they do not deliver what they offered within the allowed time.


Hi Eoin, Agree with you and unfortunately no one can do anything about it. Approximately 50% gigs are claiming, surprised that Fiverr does not protect buyers against such claims. I mean they do but their system should block certain words and claims.


Buyers should take responsibility for their own choices and educate themselves on what they are buying - even just a little bit - and they would know those types of links are rubbish and useless as well as being completely against what Google wants, meaning even if there is a boost, it will be short lived. 5 year old techniques in an industry where the leaders Google update things on a daily basis. Those who think $5 will outsmart Google need to get in touch with reality.
I hope Fiverr do act in a big way against sellers who do this but in the meantime, buyers need to report them instead of just saying Fiverr needs to fix it or just never buying on Fiverr again.


If only i can see a better way to market my gig


Agree with you. Hope buyers understand this and Fiverr as well👍


You are a seller, if you are honest about your gigs and what it can do. I guess buyers will be more clear before buying the gigs plus you will get honest reviews.


hmmn. Thanks. I will work on that


To be completely honest this is not just for Digital Marketing. I’d assume every category has a bunch of sellers offering “high quality” services that are actually not even up to par with industry standards. The sad part is many of these sellers have 5stars and many sales, but that just shows that the client isn’t well educated and the sellers are taking advantage of this.

On the sound effects category there’s many sellers that offer sound effect packs an such, even though they are not sound engineers or even know how to use a microphone. They just resell stuff (which in some cases it is illegal). But the problem is that the buyer reads “2000 sfx for $5” and thinks that’s a good offer. The client is not getting the proper license to use these files (because the seller is not the owner of the files/license) and the buyer might run into legal trouble if they use them in commercial projects like apps, film, games, etc…

But it all comes down to uneducated clients ( I can’t blame bad sellers because everywhere there’s people trying to take advantage of others, you can;t get rid of that) but you can educate your clients, let them know what good quality is and what;s the real value of it.

Personally I’d never buy sound effects from someone that also has SEO gigs or a huge variety of random gigs from different departments, but the average buyer won’t understand this.


Yea thanks for the information