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Concern regarding Fiverr Promoted Gigs


I’ve been promoting my gigs under Fiverr’s “Fiverr Promoted Gigs” feature. I have to say that it’s really amazing. Kind of flow that we get is awesome. Flow increases, also the high paying buyers approach/order you and you get busy and earn more money.

But I’m concerned about the algorithm of “Fiverr Promoted Gigs”. One week, my Gigs are qualified and start getting promoted and suddenly the next week they fall short of quality and become unqualified with below reason:

This Gig cannot be promoted as it falls short of other Gigs quality in your service category.

I always keep improving my Gigs - title, description, images etc. etc. to make sure they stand out. In fact, my gigs are one of very very few gigs in the category (Logo Design, Brand Style Guides) that have a video too in “gallery”! And yet, it doesn’t meet the quality. I wonder why and how is it possible?

So if anyone has any experience regarding this, that would be helpful. I mean, does Fiverr choose Gigs manually for “Fiverr Promoted Gigs”? Or how “quality” is defined here?

This is not a complain but a concern as I work on Fiverr with a team of designers who are on payroll.

Also my stats are really good as I keep check of them regularly and try my best, except where the situation is out of control.

So I’m quite dedicated and committed to working on Fiverr and hence this concern.

Thank you for reading and look forward to some resolution or advise or guidance or information.

Appreciated in advance.



Check This article Fiverr Help and Education Center

I think its better help you to know this

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Very good wishes

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Thank you. I will take a look in detail. Appreciate.