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Concerned about getting a tos violation

Hi , i am a level one seller at fiverr
But today i started using fiverr forums too
The thing is , i am well aware of tos of fiverr
But didnt read fiverr forum guidelines before creating a topic
I created a topic in which i discussed about a seller who was doing something wrong and against tos of fiverr but was not getting banned for it
So i just wanted opinion of others on that topic and should i go forward and report him or not
Now , the mistake i did was that i also gave url of his gig so others can see and give thier opinion
And i got a message saying that your post has been hidden due to community guidelines
So now i know that sharing other sellers profile url is also now allowed
But , will i get any more punishment for that ?
I mean will i get any possible tos violation or account suspention in future for what i did ?
I cant get it out of my head thats why i am asking here


You won’t receive an account warning. You broke a forum rule by naming and shaming a seller, but you didn’t violate the TOS of the main site.

Here is a list of the forum rules, for future reference. Follow them, and your posts won’t be flagged.


Thank you soo much for responding me
I have read them carefully and will make sure to follow them from now on

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