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Concerned about new \"Fiverr Promoted Gigs\"

Fiverr is launching new feature called “Fiverr Promoted Gigs”. By investing your gig will be placed at the top rows.

My only concern will be that, since you will only pay when you get order, everyone will buy promotion package, thus making it useless.

Your hard work to get to the top rows will go down the drain, since everyone will just buy their place there.

This also might impact quality since you will just buy your way to the top instead of earning it by delivering quality content.

Promoted gigs should appear somewhere else, not on the top rows, to maintain quality gigs at the top.

Please discuss.

Thank you for reading this.

Yes… so well said…i also do not support this promoted gig feature as we are doing so much of hard work to get the orders and some other sellers who may do not have such creativity and can provide a high quality work will get the order just because they paid to promote there gig…

After so much deductions of cost that we earn…now we have to pay for promoting our gig…this is something unacceptable for me …I mean what more can fiverr expect in $5!! but i do not think fiverr do care about what we think…Fverr will launch this as it will be highly beneficial for them…

If anyone has a link for more information on this that would be great - but judging by your description alone I do think that Fiverr Promoted Gigs is a little odd.

this is not good thing