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Concerns about Customer Service? Consider this


There are now over 2-million gigs on

A gig is purchased every 6 seconds on fiverr. That’s 10 a minute, 600 an hour, 14,400 a DAY.

Now if only 1 in 10 become a ticket, that’s 1,440 tickets a day. (And there’s no reason to limited tickets to actual orders. I’ve seen tickets about a gig being “ugly” or “wrong” or outside “TOS” when there was no order).

If each ticket ONLY took one minute to be assigned, read, and understood. That’s 24 hours of work time per day.

Now it’s much more realistic to assume a ticket takes 5 or so minutes to resolve.

Is it any wonder sometimes there are delays and sometimes the “response” can feel a little generic and unclear.

Now how many of those responses generate follow up responses. YIKES.

Let’s all GIVE CS a break (and let’s try to use the knowledge center FIRST)


Good advice and it reminds me of people calling 911 to complain about poor service at the drive thru.

CS is not the solution to every problem and sometimes you just have to work through the problem on your own because after all you are running your own business here.

People have complained about the 20 percent cut, and some are even baffled that Fiverr demands a cut at all, and yet those same people may very well demand instant satisfaction when it comes to support tickets.

Buy a domain name, set up a merchants account and set back and watch the money roll in, and oh handle all the charge backs, complaints and the day to day problems that plague any business owner, all while providing that service that you would never dream of “giving away” for a Fiverr.

I am just stating my opinion. I have submitted maybe five tickets total in the year+ I have been here and all resolved to my satisfaction.

I imagine if I had put in a ticket weekly (every time I felt slighted or a customer was rude) then percentage wise I would find that some results would not be to my liking and then I may have a complaint or two about CS but I don’t. I have found that most problems once reflected on are not all that difficult to either ignore or solve on my own when it comes to running my business on Fiverr.


Reply to @trxwholesale: Seriously?