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Concerns about royalty free music purchased on fiverr

i recently joined fiverr and bought some royalty free music from a few sellers. one seller was great and i could absolutely tell he made his own music.

however, another seller sold me hundreds of songs in one batch for $5. as royalty free music. upon downloading and listening to them i realized i was able to Shazam every single song. they all were made by current active artists publishing their music today. some of them are very popular with many shazams and even the same songs were listed on their itunes store.

i emailed the seller and asked if these were actually royalty free. she said her PLR license is all she needs. the license says i agree to absolve her of any responsibilty legally whatsoever if i use any of the tracks.

this gets her out of jail free, so to speak, and could get me in hot water.

does anyone have experience where the music is modern popular music without the lyrics and easily recognizable? will i get into trouble for using this music? can i trust her when says to go ahead and use the songs but her license absolves her of any wrongdoing legally before i even use it?

Don’t use the music. Creatives within the music industry are very strict when it comes to their stuff and use. Even if she says its okay, chances are that the agents of these artists will come after you once the music is used and keep what ever you’re using it for from being published.

I’ve heard many stories of this nature when a buyer who thought they had rights to music purchased from a seller only to discover later by authorities that they didn’t have such permissions of use. Play it safe.

Even if it looks like you won’t get in trouble a viewer/passerby will take note and report it.

Aside from the fact that I wouldn’t recommend royalty free music from somebody like that, I would recommend to dive into usage rights.
If music is royalty free doesn’t mean that you can use it however you please. Even Moby offers royalty free music, but there are always strings attached and they vary from artist to artist. It depends strongly on the purpose you are using the music for. There are artist who will allow you for example to use their music as background score for your Youtube video as long as you don’t monetize the video.
Do you want to use the music in another free product? Do you want it in a product that you sell? This are all different circumstances that can change the way royalty free music is allowed to use.
Gather all the necessary information before you get sued. Don’t trust somebody who makes a fast buck by selling something he doesn’t even own.


This is really cheap to be honest: 100 songs for 5$!!!
Use creative commons licenses. and you can find some wensites that give the use of their royalty free music library for free for non profit, like this one:

First I would report them to customer service. That is fraud.

Second you can’t use it.