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Concerns with Legal Services Offerings

I’m concerned about the legal services being offered on this site, for several reasons.

  1. For individuals who are offering to draft legal documents, in many (if not most) jurisdictions in the United States, that is considered the unauthorized practice of law if they are not actually attorneys.

  2. Even if someone is a licensed attorney, they certainly aren’t licensed in every state. Depending on where the customer is located relative to the seller, this also runs the risk of the unauthorized practice of law.

  3. Individuals who use a Fiverr seller to draft essays for them and turn in that written product for assignments in law school are certainly violating the honor code at any reputable ABA-approved legal institution.

Does Fiverr have policies, procedures and safeguards in place to guard against the unauthorized practice of law on its site?

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I would say it is a buyer beware type of issue. I would never buy such a gig.


This isn’t true. In stationary stores you can buy such things as blank wills, rental agreements, contracts, or even documents to form corporations, limited liability companies, and dozens of other types of documents. I formed trusts and corporations in various states for myself and others and I’m not a lawyer. Simply drafting standard legal documents for people is not considered practicing law, although in some areas law associations have tried to make it seem like it’s illegal, but it’s not.

I’ve formed trusts of various kinds and corporations in about 30 different states for people. Many areas of the country have walk in stores where a paralegal will prepare and file any type of legal document for you. You can find blank forms for many legal transactions on the internet for free.

I’ve had sample blank legal documents sent to me by various state agencies so that I could prepare my own.

Giving any type of legal advice is illegal unless you are an attorney.


The above is against the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.