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Conect skype with fiverr

why? so we can still do safe ordering and safe payment system over fiverr but having an option for our buyers to reach us out of fiverr and to actually use features as sharing screen, video and/or voice conversation. It would help a lot, specialy with a design.

For some sellers and gigs it is good, but for others not. Still it would be nice if such option existed.

Many time I am having troubles explaining everything in written form and wasting hours doing it, when I could do much better job with call/screen sharing/screen shots and get instant feedback or questions…

Reply to @kjblynx: Me also. Customer service has always looked at screenshots of all conversations when there is a problem. This is very important. Without it in writing a buyer can make any kind of claim about what you told him.

Reply to @kjblynx: Agreed. If I have all the instructions in writing, I can check them as I work, so I don’t forget something.

I’m trying to imagine a seller with 60-70 orders in queue talking to each buyer via Skype, and somehow remembering every single word of every conversation.