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Confessions of an Idealist: Fake Reviews Make Me Sad


I felt the same way when I noticed that there are actually gigs designed to fake recommendations for employment, references etc.


Would you guys please suggest me how to get more orders on Fiverr.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


I dig your videos. Do you make them yourself?


Very good point.


Wow…that’s pretty bad. Vouching for someone you don’t even know…


Thank you, so glad to hear that!

I just write the scripts and hire artists to make them for me. Sometimes I search “blackboard video” or “movie trailer” or “whiteboard” and see what style fits with me.

The only one I made for myself with iMovie was the LinkedIn video. But that took forever, iMovie has changed a lot and it’s not as user-friendly as it used to be in my youth.


Wow, that’s honestly the lowest thing I’ve heard all week.


Easy - make a video for your gigs or kick rocks. Thats how it is on fiver 90% of the time.


I was just setting up my facebook page for my gigs, searched there some fiverr promotion groups…and all the sadness came tumbling on me. All I see is review exchange tricks.This ruined my day. :disappointed: