Confidentiality agreement by Buyer



A new buyer has placed an order on one of my gigs and send me a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement to complete their work. He asked me to return the signed copy so that he can share information regarding the job. Is signing the agreement acceptable to Fiverr’s TOS? The order would be rather significant and I don’t want to turn them away.

Please suggest. Thanks


You can sign it and return to buyer.
Not a big deal.


Your Buyer is obviously a reseller and intends to resell your work, and he doesn’t want you stealing his client. However, it’s very sneaky to spring this on you after the order, he’s not to be trusted.


This is how I would handle it. Tell him you’re happy to sign the agreement, but the process (reviewing, printing, signing, scanning and uploading) creates more work for you that wasn’t included in the gig offer. Then send him an offer for the additional work.

In the unlikely event he does pay, use your Fiverr username (it’s fictitious) on the agreement. Or any other fictitous name you choose.


It depends on the NDA. I’d say it’s a judgement call.
I’ve signed NDAs because at times I need to handle sensitive data (PII) or I have access to company’s financial details.

Just make sure what you’re signing makes sense and doesn’t restrict your business. For example, I’ve been requested to sign agreements that forbid me to work for their competitors in a specific region etc. I usually refuse these as I don’t want anyone to have control over my clients.


For it to be valid you would need to use your real name on the document.

I would ask customer support if you are allowed to sign it with your real name.

Also a real NDA would ask for your address as well I assume. How else would they be able to enforce it if there was a problem? So the giving out of your address would be against TOS unless you get permission from customer support.

I agree with the comment not to use your real name on anything with anyone on the internet. You do not know who or what you might be dealing with. I would turn it down and cancel the order.


I charge extra for that.


Good, and also talk to customer support


NDAs are a scare tactic that resellers use so I won’t contact their client after they’ve burned me on an order.