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Confidentiality on fiverr

How do I keep things confidential on fiverr?

Now I’ve seen a few posts on confidentiality here but they’re all coming from a different angle to my question.

I used fiverr a year or so back to get some caricatures done for family. They were great and I was really happy with them. I did notice that they popped up in the images recommending the artist and I was absolutely fine with that. Similarly when I got some old family photos retouched I had no issues in them being online.

I have however another two projects that I’d like to work on

  • I do a blog for work to share with remote colleagues and I’d like to do it in video form. If I did this I’d like to get it professionally prepared and would use fiverr. There’s nothing weapon-grade confidential about it but my employer wouldn’t be too keen on having my chats about internal company matters online
  • I’d like to get some work powerpoints worked on. Again, they’ve not top secret but my work would not be too impressed if I put them online

So - I don’t need NDAs or secrecy deals but how can I avoid my projects being on the examples of previous work on the seller’s site?


If the seller has a live portfolio set up, you can choose not to have your item displayed when you accept delivery. :sunny:


That’s so obvious and great to hear. Is this a “click” option or do I have to ask specially?


It’s just a tick box - have a look here for more info:


That’s such a good video I’m going to put the link here and hope everyone sees it: