Hi, I sent an email off to someone in regards to doing some sales copy. I also attached a confidential pitch to the seller to see if they could do what I asked (silly me). They got back to me, however I realised that English was NOT their first language. My question is. My pitch is confidential and they also know who it is intended for. What happens if they do something with my pitch. Do you think that could or would happen? Is there any legal backup we have on here. My name and details are on the pitch as well. I am a tad worried. Any advice?


Hi @lizabrock! In my opinion, confidentiality is the most basic foundation of the Seller/Client relationship, and something that should never be in question. I say this not just as a writer of sales copy, but as a doctor - where confidentiality is more than just a “suggestion” :slight_smile: Shoot me a direct message if you ever need something in the future!


Thanks David.

I totally agree. But what happens if they do use my pitch and approach the person I am sending it too. I mean it is a long shot I know, but I just had that terrible feeling. I will never attach my files again.


@lizabrock, I totally hear you on this. I guess my advice would depend on your level of suspicion - do you feel it’s a likely possibility that the seller you had spoken to would do this, or is it just the icky feeling that he/she has your info?

In either case, I have a feeling you’re probably okay. But if you’re that concerned, maybe you can use it to motivate you to get out there with your pitch even sooner! :slight_smile:


Ha! funny you said that David. Yes, I think it’s just an icky feeling. I got a message today from them saying they hadn’t heard back from me.

They would need a whole lot more to back up the pitch that’s for sure. The pitch is heading out this week. I have been waiting for the person to arrive back in Australia before I sent it. No time like the present. Thanks for the chat. :slight_smile:


According to the Fiverr’s Terms of Service, the sellers must keep any information you send them confidential. On the other hand, I’m not sure what Fiverr could do against the seller if he uses your pitch, other than delete his account.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Hopefully, the buyer’s profile is legit and hopefully, Fiverr has copies of the emails/messages of your conversation with seller (just in case).

I don’t believe the seller will do anything and really am not confident that the seller would know what to do with the pitch anyways…


good luck…Hopefully the confidentiality will remain intact!