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Confirm "Remove Buyer Request"


I would like to see a confirmation button or message when I click on “Remove Request” in the Buyer Request section. The Submit Request and Remove Request options are hidden and so close together that it’s very easy to accidentally hit Remove Request … I know I’ve done it a number of times. And once that option is selected, there’s no way to retrieve the deleted request. If there were a confirmation message … “Do you really want to remove this buyer request?” … you’d have the option to click “No” if you’d inadvertently indicated you wanted to remove it. It’s very frustrating to accidentally delete a gig you wanted to bid on and I’d like to see something added that insures the option we’ve chosen is truly the action we want to take.


will be very helping.


Great idea. helpful for us.


I understand exactly what do you meant!!!


They are too close, or sometimes I think I did not delete and it was already deleted!!! AAAghhh


Your article is good