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Confirmation email to get paid by paypal not working on the new site


Hello everybody,

This week I tried to send money on my paypal account for the first time since the new site is up. When I clicked on the button, the green header popped to confirm my intentions and that a confirmation email was sent on the email I provided.

However, after trying multiple times, I never received the said email. It’s only after using the option “Switch to old site” and trying again that I received the email. The process worked perfectly fine from there.

I don’t know if any other people experienced this phenomenon. I did not check the other forum discussions before posting this, I apologize if this post is redundant. It’s not a huge inconvenience, just thought I’d share the solution I found with you guys!




Thank YOU for the workaround!!! I wasnt receiving the withdrawal emails either, but switching to the old Fiverr and withdrawing worked for me too!


Reply to @articlewriterx: This is specifically why I posted this. I am glad I could help out someone else!



I am having the same problem, can you please tell me how to switch to old fiverr?