Confirmation for accept the order! when seller have no chance with out cancel the order when they got order out of service :)


Hello every one ,

i have one suggestion for order accept button , let me explain in detail … when seller sell the graphics or voice any thing but they get an order from buyer with out complete requirment at that time seller need to open the ticket or cancell the order
if fiverr set up one button “ACCEPT ORDER” so problem will be solve , like dispute process if buyer haven’t complete requirement
so seller can tell him or reject the order request … if any buddy got this problem so support this topic…


Fiver New Header is Bad Design

Wow, that’s very good idea! :nerd:



I think this needs 100000+ votes = Equals to the number of sellers on fiverr :+1::+1::+1:


this topic is under fiverr site suggestion but we never get any response from fiverr team :frowning:


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I had a friend ask me the other day about what to do if a buyer didn’t send him a script. I personally haven’t had this happen, but it’s required to attach a script when you order from me. Though I could certainly see the necessity for an “accept order” button. I think the problem would be in the implementation though - how do you give a seller the power to press a button to confirm that they accept the order without worrying about sellers abusing the privilege to give themselves infinite time to do an order? Otherwise, I think it’s a great idea.