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Confirmation of Ordering

Got a spammy “Order this custom order” email today from Fiverr. I clicked on the link hoping it would take me to the messaging section where I could block the user. Well instead it automatically ordered the gig and took money out of my balance. Who builds a system where you don’t have to confirm that you want to order something?

Happened once before last year where I was looking at a gig I was interested in ordering and expected a confirmation. I’m going to cancel, but why is there not a confirmation button in 2015 when money is exchanging hands?

I have had a number fo them today too.

Reported all for spam.

Something similar happened to me few months back.

I’ve never been spammed. Well maybe once or twice. I wonder what makes some a target for that?

I clicked one of these once and automatically ordered the gig. It made me really angry at the seller for sending me a spam custom offer AND at Fiverr for making it so easy to accidentally order. I sent a cancellation request and told the seller exactly what I thought of their very annoying business practice.

Reply to @gailbunning: There was one seller. I noticed who spammed me with a custom offer right after I gave him advice when he was asking for a tip somewhere here in the forum. Haha. So I think for some, they’re using the forum to find people to spam…

Reply to @theratypist: eek, makes me sort of not want to post!