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Confirmation Pop-up For Two Very Important Places/Actions

Fiverr has really come a long way but the biggest problem right now is that on many actions there isn’t a confirmation, ‘Are you sure you want to ____?’ pop up which increases error rates and actually troubles sellers the most.

  1. ORDER Button - Seriously, I’m tired of buyers telling me they ordered by mistake and then cancelling mutually and realising that my Cancellation ratio increased.

    The Order button needs a ‘Are you sure you want to place an order for $__?’ pop-up.

  2. DELETE Button (My Gigs) - The DELETE and PREVIEW button are just one below the other and a few days back I deleted my writing gig by mistake because I clicked on DELETE and no pop-up came, so thus, an year old gig with over 40 ratings was gone. Poof! I had to remake it and since then I have had no order.

    The Delete button needs a ‘Are you sure you want to delete this gig?’ pop-up.

    How many buyers/sellers agree?

Reply to @hironan: Yeah, I think there should be an option like, the buyer ordered by mistake or something in the Resolution Center.

I really agree to. I by mistake ordered a order. I am not that type of person to cancel it since it effects the sellers ratings… However the gig was so irrelevant for me :frowning:

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014

Yes yes yes!!! Especially the Delete button. I am afraid of doing anything to my gigs on my extra-sensitive iPad for just that reason. I also find it strange that is it TOTALLY UNRECOVERABLE by Fiverr. Really? All record of it is gone forever?

I still don’t understand why sellers are being punished for buyers’ mistakes. How about no penalization at all? No matter who cancels first. The cancellation ratio is being used as a measure to “shame” the seller. Why have that at all when buyer error is being counted into the ratio, the ratio is then displayed and your ability to level up is negatively affected making it less likely that you will have exposure, thus your visibility will not increase. World’s shittiest policy ever!

I would agree on both, however. The first one will never be implemented as most sales on Fiverr come from impulse buys. You take the “impulse” out of it and you cut into Fiverr’s profits. Where-as with an impulse buy the funds stay on Fiverr even if an order is cancelled unless the buyer initiates a charge-back.

Reply to @kjblynx: I’m glad that you do. :slight_smile:

Reply to @thecreativeguys: Still, I think you did a pretty good thing. But then it is a loss if it was irrelevant to you, I guess. But what you did was really great. Good job. :slight_smile:

Reply to @cheezees: Actually, I deleted my gig from my Nexus Tablet too. I mean, if no pop-up then can they explain why ‘Preview’ and ‘Delete’ are one below the other, I mean seriously? That is so poor design. Design isn’t just adding a beautiful layer on the top, you need beautiful functionality too, I hope Fiverr realises that.

I really don’t get why sellers the people who actually make Fiverr money have no good rights and all the benefit of doubt, the benefit of mistake or any other benefit is given to buyers. I agree that there should be no negative effects of anything except a negative rating (or late delivery). Cancellations are Mutual for a reason.

If I take a real world situation, I decide to refund a client’s money and we agree mutually then there is no point in me being penalised buy the buyer. We agreed mutually. I agree. You agree. I am cool with it. You are cool with it. This is really what Mutual Agreements mean. I mean is it really that difficult to understand, I dont think so. :confused:

Reply to @freelancemm: Well, they have to take a leap of faith then. I don’t think people click order and it is spontaneous or in the impulse. I had a buyer whose money took 10 days of clearing and another buyer who submitted the details about 10 days after ordering. I think adding a little to that unintended lag won’t take much impulse out.

Reply to @deepanshkhurana: Well I look at it a few ways. Why should I cancel something at only $4.00 to effect someones cancelation ratio? On the other hand, we work for that $4.00 Very hard to. I think when working on fiverr you deliver a lot for just $4.00 appose to the real world

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014

Reply to @thecreativeguys: Totally Agreed. :slight_smile:

Totally! My cancellation ratio just gone up 1 point, over 20 cancellations in the last 2 weeks. most of them just made by mistake. It’s really annoying. If there’s no punishment for it, I’d happily cancel them without worrying.