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Conflict of code in setting up scope & pricing

When I try to set up my pricing, it keeps saying that my extra fast duration should be shorter than the original gig’s duration but when I make it shorter, the same message keeps popping up. Every time I fix it by lowering the extra fast duration it says I do it incorrectly. Pictures below:

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Your standard delivery time is set to 1 day. If you have an extra fast delivery extra it has to be shorter than the main delivery’s number of days. So set you main delivery more than you would set the extra fast delivery.

eg. A Main gig’s delivery time of 2 days and an extra fast delivery time of 1 day would be okay.

edit: or make it so you’re delivering more words per day (rather than less) in the extra fast delivery option.


Your extra fast delivery time is one day which is the same as your regular delivery time, even though your extra fast time offers fewer words.

To offer extra fast delivery, it needs to be faster than your regular delivery.

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