Conflicted About Honesty In Reviewing


At the risk of coming across as seriously naive, I’m wondering how those people who write reviews for any number of various products, books, etc, handle it when you truly don’t like the product, or book for example?

Does the buyer have to pay for negative reviews? Or, is Fiverr simply a place where anyone, shucking any product can come to get favorable reviews?

If I believe for example; that a certain product has the potential for harming people, I will simply refuse the order. However, many time I’m sure you don’t know what the content is until you get into it. What can be done in that case? I would probably contact Fiverr support and describe my concerns.

OK, now let’s say, you just don’t like the product? What do you do then?

Simply hold your nose and write a glowing review?

Or, are negative reviews reasonable, and do buyers have to pay for negative reviews?

Thank you for your time.

John Von Bronzesnake


I was asked to write reviews before on here, in fact, I am quite often. I wrote a negative review of a Danny Boyle movie once and got a negative feedback as somebody didn’t agree with my opinion, thankfully it got removed but still! Generally speaking though, people won’t pay for negative reviews.


Depends on one’s morals and ethics I guess! :slight_smile:

I’ve had someone buy one of my gigs and asked me to post on some adult forums for him once (I won’t even mention what he wanted me to type on those forums!) and I requested a mutual cancellation.

Obviously if it’s something of a really serious nature (for example related to terrorism or whatever) then you’d need to report that to customer support.

If you do actually complete the order, the buyer still has the option to reject what you’ve done and I think they can even request a cancellation/refund (not too sure on that process from their end though).


Also for those that sell review writing gigs:

ryangillam said: Generally speaking though, people won't pay for negative reviews.


I agree with the others who have said people are probably not going to be happy about a bad review. Most of the gigs I see that offer reviews state right up front “I will give you a good review” or something of that nature. I understand the conflict you’re having. Perhaps if you don’t feel comfortable giving just about everything a hyped up review (which is understandable) it’s not a good gig for you to offer. Best of luck!


most time you are not paid to write or make review, but you are paid to act to tell what the buyer told you.


Thanks for your help.