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Confuse about IP issues and Custom URL


Hello Everyone,

I am a new seller on Fiverr. Now a couple of issues make me confused.
I ain’t clear enough about it. Please give me the reply in detail.

Issue Number 1. For any selling GIG will I can give the buyer the URL on my portfolio?
Likewise Behance or My portfolio link to other sight?
Also, the question arises if I can, can I also give him my website URL?

Now, If the buyer wants the link of my portfolio work, can I give him?

Issue Number 2:
I work at home and also if I find the time I login to my Fiverr id and take care of My GIG
Now my question is My office has shared IP, so anyone can get my same id who is working in Fiverr

In this kind of situation can I have to use any other IP or modem that has separate IP, or it is Ok for me to use with shared IP?

Farhan Mullick

  1. You can share any URL in the list at the bottom of this page:

No to Behance and no to your website link.

  1. Ask CS to be on the safe side.