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Confused about Buyer Requests


Hello there! So I’m new to Fiverr and have been doing some research about how to get gigs. One highly recommended tip was to use the Buyer Requests section to find potential buyers. However, I have had great difficulty finding many requests at all. This is mainly because an overwhelming number of the requests I see (in the Proofreading and Editing section, which is related to my gig) are from SELLERS trying to promote themselves! This has left me very confused as to what this section is even for.

Is this normal? How does this all work? Are sellers even supposed to do this? Why are so many people advertising in a place where supposedly only sellers with gigs can make an offer? And how is it that they manage to get offers regardless?

Please help this confused newbie out. I want to know how I can make the best of this feature.


NO, it is not normal at all.
This is a CRIME. A seller is not supposed to advertise in buyer request section. We have other social platforms to do that. I can assure you one thing none of those CRIMINALS would ever get a single offer but negative effect on viewers mind.

Never ever advertise in buyer request section.
Use your daily offer limit wisely.

Happy earnings!


Thanks for your reply!

I just wish it was easier to find actual requests. There are SO many sellers in Proofreading. It’s nigh impossible to find anything useful.


Use social media like twitter, facebook, linkedin. Tell your friends about your gigs.

and most importantly, be patient. :slight_smile:

I just saw your profile and observed that there is very less about proofreading and more about WWW.

Write a good description, gig description which will be your first impression as you are a proofreader.


Just ignore the seller posts. They get offers because there are stupid people who just quickly copy and paste replies to each request without even reading them, often from various accounts. As far as I’m concerned, these two different types of idiotic seller deserve each other.
One positive of sellers posting there is that the sellers who reply to them have less of their 10 requests to send to actual buyers.


Buyers Request is the sandbox for morons. It’s for the serious seller a total waste of time.
This problem is as old as Fiverr and it has been discussed a lot of times. At a certain point I gave up on that feature and avoid it like the devil avoids the holy water.


Unfortunately it is normal, though not allowed. :wink:

There are lots of threads on the forum in ‘Site Suggestion’, sellers asking for a reporting function for that behaviour, and to amend the name maybe, because apparently there are sellers who do it because they don´t understand the meaning of ‘Buyer Requests’, thinking it´s there for them to request a Buyer. :wink:

Ignore it, or send a ticket to Customer Support, in the hope that the more people will complain, the higher the chance of something being done.

I got some very good jobs through BR, but I hardly use it anymore. I´d still suggest looking through it, especially while being new, to not miss a good opportunity, but even the real Buyer Requests, read them carefully and consider your offer well, unlike with other custom offers you send, you can´t set an expiry date for a custom offer you send to a BR.


Only stupid people use the buyers request section as sellers. I have noticed this and have stoped my offers there.