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Confused about buyers request section

Okay, I am new at fiverr, tying to figure out to get some orders. I read the article at fiverr Academy from where I found out one of the best approach to get orders is to Bid on Buyer’s request. So I was reviewing buyers request section for last few days… and that is exactly where I got confused.

As far as my understanding, this is the section where buyers will post job requests or seeking for help from the sellers to contribute on his project. The seller should bid and send an offer. Best guy (seller) will be chosen.

BUT I can see almost half of the people (Sellers) are expressing their own skills, services and what they are capable to do. At first I thought all of them are buyers who posted job requests and it is monitored strictly by Fiverr. But both buyers and seller are posting and their is no filter option to segment them separately.

My question with due respect to sellers and buyers … is this totally okay how I am looking at it, I mean both buyers and sellers are posting to find/match each others requirement (vise-versa)? Or sellers are spamming/posting at wrong section?

The sellers advertising on BR are spamming it. Yes, it’s annoying, no, Fiverr isn’t really doing anything about it, so it’s a case of “deal with it”. Don’t join them, as you will put your account at risk and also annoy everyone…

Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely keep it in mind.