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Confused about Currency on Buyer Requests

Hi there! I’m new to Fiverr and trying to figure out how the currency works for Buyer Requests. When I see a buyer request in the main window I might see something like $54 as the budget, but when I click on it and it opens up in a new window, it has changed to $75CAN, as I am in Canada. My question is when I make an offer, is my quote back to the buyer in CAN or US dollars? Like should I be quoting $54 or $75? It’s not clear from the user interface there.Thanks in advance to anyone who may have figured this out and can help clear this confusion for me. Cheers, Kim from Canada :slight_smile:

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As far as I know, all offers, when sending are in USD regardless of what you have your currency set to.

eg. if I set my currency to GBP and select to send a custom offer or offer in BR if will show $ next to the offer amount.

Perfect, that clears that up. It’s a little clearer in your case because the two currencies are not both in $$ dollars, like for me. But that makes sense, thank you!

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