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Confused about Fiverr widget and websites


I was told not too long ago that if I give my web address to a buyer I can be banned from Fiverr. What doesn’t make sense to me is Fiverr has a widget and they specifically see that we can put the widget on our website and blog. I would like to use Wordpress but in order to do this I need a web address/server. If people see my website they will see the widget and they will be taken to Fiverr. Once again I was told that if a buyer knows my web address I can be banned. Could someone explain to me how this works? How on earth can I put a widget for Fiverr on my website without prospective buyers knowing the web address? This doesn’t make sense to me. :-/

I checked the forums to see if this question has been answered before but I couldn’t find the answer I was looking for. In fact there are a few sellers who stated that they use Wordpress for their blogs and there was no mention of them getting into any trouble over this.


It’s really pretty simple. You can drive traffic from off-Fiverr toward Fiverr. Just because they found you off-Fiverr originally doesn’t matter. Once they contact you on Fiverr with interest in a transaction, though, all communication needs to take place on Fiverr. If the buyer is confused about this, just politely let them know that since they’ve arrived at your Fiverr gig and they have interest, communications need to stay here. (The purpose of all this is that Fiverr gives you access to it’s payment portals, advertising, display page, etc. and they should get a portion of your sales for this.)

So, yes, you can use off-Fiverr sites to point people to your Fiverr account. What you cannot do is the opposite - you cannot push traffic the other direction. Once a person engages with you Fiverr it stays on Fiverr (kind of like Vegas!) and you can’t direct them to converse with you on your website or Facebook or anywhere but Fiverr. Make sense?


It was my understanding that there is only a certain blog site or a couple of others where you can put the widget. You can’t put it on just any site. Maybe I’m mistaken?


Reply to @fonthaunt: Yes! It definitely makes sense now. Thanks!