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Confused about Fiverr's "Stat" Logic

Is it just me or is anyone else getting dinged by Fiverr’s response rating logic and “late” reporting logic?

RESPONSE RATING: I have multi-part conversations with people that end with simple comment FROM them like “Thanks.” or "sounds good.: and Fiverr is prompting me to respond to preserve my response rating… but the conversation is over. I failed to respond to several of these because the conversation was satisfactorily wrapped up and as a result, my respond rate dropped…

“LATE” DELIVERY: I have never delivered an order after the original “deadline” without consulting the client first to discuss the reason and getting approval. So, in fact, the orders were not delivered late, they were delivered at a later time by mutual agreement… yet, this is reflected in my stats.

Seems like Fiverr is trying to apply math in ways human interaction can’t be measured…

Looks like a “robot” is conected at this feature and this robot have now idea over what you dealing with the client. But the timer is goen maybe even the “robot”?

I have had a few ridiculous situations due to the need to respond to every inbox message. I don’t like being forced to respond to insane rambling psychotic messages or spam and yet have been doing that.

Funny enough mine was 100% and went down to 95% this morning for that very reason, it definitely will need looking at if it’s linked to our overall performance etc. It should be based on first response not all of them.

Thanks for the input… it happened to me again… because I wasn’t paying attention. I am typically quite vigilant about messages but took a long weekend away, and when someone sent me a “thanks, sounds great message” while I was away from my normal routine, I didn’t reply until I was back in my office a few days later… UGH.

I’d send something to support, but that’s another whole discussion. :slight_smile:

The blurb says the response rate is only measured against your first contact. Subsequent back and forth conversations shouldnt have any bearing on the stats.
Take a look at

With regards to late delivery, I would imagine that even if you have explained things to your customer and have agreement to run over time, the clock will continue ticking regardless.

When I’ve bought services, I’ve never seen a mechanism to halt or extend the clock. Fiverr sends a prompt after the deadline is approaching and again after it has passed, saying I can remind the seller or cancel. But it doesnt provide a mechanism for me to extend the delivery time.