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Confused about gig editing

I am really confused about the ranking after editing gigs… the reason is that i have come through many topics that gigs editing decrease the ranking while I also read several Posts claiming that to achieve Best ranking you should edit your gigs twice a week… can some explain this with best logical answer…please share your valuable opinions.
Thank you so much.

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Stop editing gig every time then try to stay shouldn’t edit your gig twice within a week LOL, If you would give some rest to your gig It you achieve your goal If you are disturbing then Stay here with red-eyes

Be patience!


Gig ranking depends on so many things, also, Fiverr does change its algorithm sometimes, so it’s impossible to exactly predict which edits will have what kind of effect, you can only figure out by trial & error, if even.

In theory, of course, if you make good edits to your gig, you may get more orders and your ranking should get better but “All theory is gray, my friend” (Faust by Goethe).

What probably is not a good idea either way is editing your gigs twice a weeks on regular basis, because when you edit them, they may not just drop in the ranking but disappear from search completely (Fiverr checking whether you made any edits that aren’t okay, like offering a disallowed service, adding a link you’re not supposed to use, your email or whatever), can take a day, can take two days (which, with 2x editing/week would already mean your gig is only visible at all 3/7 days) - I even had my gig disappear for a whole week after editing it once (then, I had enough of waiting for it to reappear on its own and contacted support), but some people also post that their gig was back in search the same day …

In short, nobody really can tell you any hard facts, we’re all just as confused as you are, try our best, and hope it will yield good results. :wink:

Personally, I only edit my gigs whenever I think I need to edit them because of some specific reason (someone misunderstood something and I came up with an even better way to try to make everything as clear as possible, or if I am in the mood for an update, like a different gig image, a gig video, try a different pricing structure, whatever) but I don’t edit my gigs just to edit them.


“… pero el árbol de la vida es eternamente verde.” (Fausto - Goethe)

Just as bar graphs becoming green… :wink: :blush:

Edit to add: I didn’t know how to correctly say it in English


@miiila bundle of thanks

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I don’t know either, I read it in German. :wink:

And I understand it in Spanish, so I won’t assume others don’t, and won’t translate it into English.

Green is good, either way. Good luck with editing, everyone. :four_leaf_clover: