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Confused About How to Request a Gig

Is the only way to request a gig to post your request in the green box to the right of the site where it says “I’m looking for someone who will:”? I have a detailed request I’d like done and I don’t have enough space to say everything I need done. Can I request my gig here in the forums or is that the only way? Thanks! (& sorry I’m new!)

I posted a “request a gig” about a month ago and got 2 responses. Neither were really offering what I needed, though. Eventually found a gig listing that was perfect, and bought that instead.

Someone now on V2 mentioned that the “Request a Gig” section on V2 is larger and better - so you’ll get to see that fairly soon.

I think you can request it on the forum page. But I`m not sure. Maybe is better to Fiverr customer suport:

Simply say:

"I need someone expert in ???"

and add in your request: "more details under request"

or “contact me for more details”


This new ‘Request a Gig’ has gotten worse. There is no room to actually provide particulars to get a precise price for the ‘Gig(s)’ - I have posted 3 which I have 2 use abbreviations on evry wrd I can jst 2 fit in wat needs 2 b said!

FIVERR STAFF: Please expand this to an actual page, it saves getting 25 replies from people who are incapable/not skilled enough, or just answer 'cos the details are so limited they think the GIG is - which could be the case, but for those of us with more than a basic: I need a Logo for (eg. ) & needs 2 hav sumthng 2 do w/ the title (BG colour of Header is dark purple, other colours used are orange, light grey, lighter purple on the sites theme) - See nothing, and it is important would fit in last (…)

(although this can be given later, this is just an example - especially when coding is involved MORE ROOM than ONLY 120 chars is DEFINATELY NEEDED!) IMHO (and many other’s it seems.

AM I MISSING SOMETHING? IS JUST FOR THE “Heading Part” of the GIG REQUEST & There is Another Section to Finish it Off (or maybe this is just how it would be ideally)???

FIVERR DEVELOPERS, Please get on this guys. As far as I can see V2 didn’t fix anything. Let’s see a FULL PAGE v3 soon-ish??

Thanks for reading Fiverr members (Buyers/Sellers) & FIVERR Staff…



@Code_Collective [Project Manager Community-Sourced Collective]

In the same boat. 120 characters is completely useless to describe a gig. It’s bad enough that 99% of sellers barely understand English anyway. Posted a request for 5-10 keywords describing photos I have for sale on a print on demand site and got 50 offers for anything but what I asked for. One person, supposedly an English speaking American, seemed that she had an idea of what I needed but it turned out to be a complete waste of time. I gave her one image of some vine tomatoes as a test and said one of the target customers was someone decorating a kitchen and she sends me “kitchen cabinets” “white kitchen” 'kitchen appliances" “kitchen flooring” etc.

Yeah I’ve really had no luck with requesting gigs either. Even when I’ve managed to be really specific they haven’t been able to do what I wanted, just applied anyway. Which is just weird. Why apply if you can’t freaking do it.