Confused about how to use social media and Fiverr


I am confused about how to use social media and Fiverr to promote my gigs.

Does one create a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. profile to just share the gigs?

Does one create a page that points back to the Fiverr profile?

Do I use my personal FB profile to share them or is it best to create a profile that matches my Fiverr one exactly?

It is confusing cos we are not allowed to send clients to websites, etc. for off of Fiverr contact but I like the idea of bringing them here. Hmmmm…

Thanks for any help, suggestions, etc.


MME. Cynthia



This is one of the answers that I really hate people giving to “help” other sellers as it actually means nothing, it is not advice, it is hearsay - it is repeating something that they have read or heard without actually understanding it or applying it!
Below is a post, one of the best posts I have ever read, by the brilliant @jamesbulls (where are you James, come back!) on how he uses social media.
Read it, bookmark it, study it but most of all - do it!


Only 8k? That “lair and fraud” post the other day, she had 30k of “personal friends!”

All that said, Fiverr already advertises on SM. It seems to me a bit pointless to advertise for them as well, when all that efford could be used to market your own website and charge higher prices. [quote=“silkroute, post:3, topic:101997”]
There’s a blog post in Fiverr Academy which says that you can use the ‘Fiverr Contacts’ feature to get in touch with your previous buyers and basically use it as you would use an email list. << Haven’t tried that, but here’s the link :

I’d be careful of using that, as that’s skating very close to the spamming guidelines (yeah I know, inconsistent). It’s fun seeing how much you’ve made from repeat sellers over their lifetime, though.


Well, franky, I wouldn’t use my personal account for marketing Fiverr. Especially on Facebook and LinkedIn, you will reach your friends or friends of friends. These people are to be trusted to some degree. I would market my personal website (if I had any) through these social media. On a group with entrepreneurs from my city, I would also use my website, as you can go to people and meet them and sign contracts. I would use Fiverr maybe to market myself on a general group for entrepreneurs or something.


Hahahahahahaha :joy:


Hey, @eoinfinnegan - thanks for the hat tip. Yeah, I disappeared from the forum! Turns out, I have a whole lot less time to participate in the forum when my average daily workload has doubled from what it was a six months ago. It’s good to be busy! I’m preparing another post - my two-year seller anniversary and what I learned - and that’ll show up soon enough. And if I really kick myself, I might come back and spend some more time in the forum - especially now that it’s received such a nice overhaul.


Great to hear from you and that you are so busy, would you still say that around 50% of your sales come from your blog/social media?
The forum is a lot more interesting and usable than it was so do drop in now and then, others have tried to make up for your absence by adding gifs but it’s just not the same.


Right now, the majority of my sales - probably 70% - are from repeat clients. I’m getting a pretty steady stream of new clients, but because the majority of my sales leads are generated by my activity outside of Fiverr - and I’ve been a little lax on that since I’ve been working on other projects - I’ve had a slight dip recently, but it’s not much to worry about. Clients are easy to find, and I can generate quite a few leads in a very short period of time using Events / Hangouts-on-Air on Google+ / YouTube and my regular social media posts and blog shares. Fiverr does a lot to help me, but the best help I get is the help I give myself - you know what I mean?

Oh yeah, and this too:


APPRECIATED. I like the idea of a centralised place.


Yes I have noticed Fiverr’s adverts in the Home feed on FB. But not much, really.