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Confused about illegal characters in gig description


I have three gigs I’ve tried to upadte by adding extras and for some reason when I do, it always comes up that I have illegal characters in my description. These gigs have been live for a long time and I’ve made no changes to this part of the gig so what’s the problem and can anyone help me fix it?


Problem is Fiverr sometimes changes rules about allowed chars, so when you decide to modify your gig you have to face new restrictions…

If you search for a list of illegal chars you won’t find one.

Consider that parenthesis shouldn’t be allowed and so comma, # and others…

More, you can only have one capital word in title…

Good luck,



I had the same problem for more than 5 months. I contacted the support and they told me that there is nothing bad with my description.

Today I kept the same text but added some text format ( bold italic…) and it works fine and everything was saved :smiley: