Confused about " in doers we trust"


Hi everyone, i know I may sound silly but seriously i am still confused about this " in doers we trust". I dont know what is this and before you direct me towards google, I want to tell you that i have read everything about it, yet i didn’t get it completely. Can someone in real simply words briefly explain me what is this.


it means:



It means “we” trust people who take action and do things while others simply talk about it.


It also means “we” trust people who get work done.


Yeah i know but what is this for?


Is it just for that or it promotes you or something. Like on facebook saw today "Congrats to ABC, this week’s winner of $500 in Fiverr credit to start doing! Join the #InDoersWeTrust movement here."
Can you explain is it a debt or prize amount given by fiverr.


It’s their new slogan, or tagline.

They’ve been running a contest on Facebook I think as well.


I know its their tagline. I want to know what is this movement for? becuase they have on their site something like “join now and tell us your story etc” so is it something you will join, submit your story and wait for the results like they will promote you or give you prize amount etc. Thats what i am asking


I’m sorry - I thought you were asking what it meant.

From the link on the Fiverr homepage:


It’s just marketing bollocks. It means whatever you want it to mean.


Right. What the video says is: Create gigs and spend all your earnings on other gigs.


But do not work for famous YouTubers!

Actually PDP made another video about that, I think it is his last one on the matter, but it was fairly interesting. I think it was called “I’m banned” or something clickbaity. I cannot link to it here because I am not a “doer” and it would get this post flagged faster than… a F1 car, or something,


I saw it yesterday. Quite entertaining indeed. He had donated $500,- to each of the banned parties. But they are no longer banned now. Remarkable is the fact that both banned parties failed to monetize their video’s what would have made them more more money than a !@#$-load of sales.


I could say something really mean about the average Fiverr seller here, but again, I am not a doer!


It Mean Do or Die :smiley:


…and then come back to life after a huge scandal, as the only truly big controversy to hit Fiverr ever showed.

So, once again, marketing bollocks. I bet PDP found Fiverr as a result of that, too. All that edge.


You mean who get “shit” done!


Isn’t that the other logo?


I thought it meant this:


Aw they wimped out and edited out the best parts: