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Confused about milestones in custom order

This week I decided to use the milestone option in a custom order for the first time…

I set it up with 3 different milestones, so 2-day delivery for the first milestone, 1-day delivery for the second milestone, and 2-day delivery for the third milestone, for a total of 5 days.

I delivered the first milestone but haven’t received any prompt to start working on the next milestone… Will it be initiated after the first one is marked as complete in 3 days? Would love some input from anyone who’s used this feature before.

Hoping I don’t have to wait an extra 3 days for each milestone, because I’m worried that the buyer was expecting everything to be done in 5 days and will start getting impatient.



Hi - I’ve used the milestone feature a couple of times. Just made the final delivery on the 3rd milestone today, in fact.

The next milestone is only triggered when your buyer accepts the previous one - meaning, milestone 2 only starts when milestone 1 is accepted; milestone 3 starts when milestone 2 is accepted.

Buyers have the option to stop the next milestones triggering between each one.

Fiverr will send your buyer reminders … and I tend to send them a nudge message after a day or so.

Buyers have 5 to 8 days to accept the milestones.