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Confused about my first gig

Hi all,
been on fiverr for a while but i’m struggling to get my first message of interest let alone gig.

Not sure where I have gone wrong, I have the impression because I’m from the UK, the pricing is much higher than others?

I tried searching for it on a separate browser but it does not show up


A couple of tips:

-since your account is brand new and you have 0 reviews, people may be more inclined to try out your service if you had a lower price point. I’m not saying you should lower your prices for ever, but maybe get the ball rolling with 2-3 orders and then get back to your current price tag

-your main gig image should be better. Stuffing 9 designs is too busy. Use just one flyer, your best design to date and use some arrows and texts to advertise what they buyer would be getting in just one glance.


thanks for the tipd dude

Please don’t call people that. Be respectful.


sorry if dude is a disrespectful term in your community, it is normal usage where we are from.

Different cultures, different understandings.

don’t copy anyone gig

What are you talking about?

I’m from the states and I would only call someone “dude” as part of a joke.

It’s not a cultural thing, you are just rude.

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