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Confused about my Gig impression and View

I am having a confusion, last 3 days 14,15,16 of this month, I got impression following 96, 226 and 115. but i got 2,2,0 clicks . Is there anything wrong with my gig? or is it so natural? One of my gig is doing good. Its the case of that gig.

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Impressions don’t really mean anything, you should follow the Views and Click rate.

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An Impression is when your thumbnail is presented in the search. A click is when they actually click on your thumbnail and view your offer.

So you can see how important your thumbnail is at attracting someone to click on it.

Impressions will measure how you are showing up in the search.
Clicks will show how well your thumbnail is doing.
Conversions will show how well your offer is doing.

My gig is 29k impressions, 480 clicks, 776 views, 90 orders.

You can see how powerful it is to be able to raise your clicks. That is where you have the most leverage. Clicks are all about your thumbnail being attractive.


So what can i do to convert those impressions as views? or sells? can you share anything with me?