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Confused about my gig

I am new here in fiverr. I have created a gig about you tube thumbnail. can you guys please have a look and tell me is everything ok or not ?


Every Thing is okey. Keep going on.Bro

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thanks for giving your time man

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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will create 3 catchy, modern youtube thumbnails in just few hours
In the gig description:
“need a thumbnail’s ?” could be “need a thumbnail?”
“So this gig is perfectly for you” could be “So this gig is perfect for you.”
“Have more quires ?” could be “Have more queries?”
It says “Life time support” but according to the TOS gigs are not supposed to have >30 days of service duration.

In the FAQ section:
“more then 15” could be “more than 15” in question 4.
“new new projects” could be “new projects” in answer 5.

Gig: I will do professionally transparent, png any photo background by clipping path
In the FAQ section:
“i am fluent” could be “I am fluent” in answer 1.
“You will be satisfy” could be “You will be satisfied” in answer 2.
“i am always concern about timing” could be “I am always concerned about timing” in answer 4.

In the profile:
“stationary design” could be “stationery design”
“and make my client satisfy.” could be “and make my client satisfied.”


Thanks a lot. I really appreciate.
God bless you

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Hey, your gig video is cropped to much. Can you fix it?


bro thank you so much. I have changed the video. please have a look again and put your opinion.

UK1000 Please kindly checkout my gig

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Yeah it looks perfect

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If you create a separate thread in the “improve my gigs” section for your gig(s) I’ll make some suggestions. I think someone said the forum rules are that they’d need to be in a new thread (1 thread for 1 person’s gigs).

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