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Confused about no order is coming in last 25 days but my gig is showing in first page

Suddenly no orders are coming after TOS voliation but TOS voliation has ended but no order is coming i am very confused with happened with my account and my gigs please help me


May be it will take some times to get easy for you @aqeelkamboh

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I don’t know what to do now I have try everything but but now orders are not coming I don’t know why I am very confused

dear aqeelkamboh
The thing is the ranks keep changing
ensure you have taken some tests such as english language if you do well fiver will rank your gig higher
PLEASE provide me you gig link I would love to check it out
remember this
The harder you work the chances of you getting an order increases
Thank you


not bad try to make you gigs picture a bit more professional you will get orders soon
Add a vedio of yourself trust me it will improve the veiws,click and also the orders