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Confused about Profile Pic


I’m Confused about Profile Pic
I don’t want to use mine. What I should do. I’m not a logo designer.
Is this Profile pic is fine?
Should I use Decent Background? Simply removing this bg
Need Your Honest suggestion Please
Thank You in Advance


If the picture is not you I suggest you do not use it. You can use an image or a logo instead.


Yes But I’m not a logo Designer
And with help of any Software if I create then Fiverr is not accepting


You could have a logo designed for you since there are many logo gigs that are low cost. The easiest option is to use your own photo and if you don’t want to show yourself clearly, you don’t have to. You can take a creative photo or edit a photo. People use photos taken at an artistic angle or photos with filters applied so that they look nice but don’t clearly show your exact appearance. That allows for an original photo that is really you without compromising privacy. Using another person’s photo is generally not recommend and can get you in trouble.


Great opinion very helpful


This may be helpful to you:


Thank You for this link


Adding to what @fonthaunt said, you could even covert your photo into a rough sketch and it will still be you without being it, just like me :smiley:


Maitasun Thats really helpful thank you soo much


Congratulations on your anniversaries